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It’s Lunch and Learn time again! 

May’s Lunch and Learn was hosted by our very own Chris Hosty, Head of Design and George Konstantakopoulos, Head of Innovation and Ventures. discussing with the team about CERT’s Design Ethos! 

Chris and George shared with the team why we have a Design Ethos, how it was created and what its purpose is. They spoke to us through the different elements and how we, all together, are going to bring it to life. 

Firstly, they both spoke to the team about what a Design Ethos is, it’s not just about logos and colours, it’s about having thought and meaning at the core of what you’re doing, and making sure that ripples out across the whole experience of a company and a community.

They explained to the group the importance of having a Design Ethos, to recognise that in order to achieve the growth that we foresee, we need to think differently. The CERT Design Ethos was born as a result of our Head of Design and Head of Innovation coming together to define a Modus Operandi that will make the business stand apart from competition, loud and clear. They demonstrated to the team that it’s important to have a Design Ethos so we can give a CERT project identity, define a CERT building and help with key strategic decision making. 

George and Chris then went on to explain how CERT is bringing its Design Ethos to life, the starting point being the CERT team embodies the Design Ethos and they understand and challenge it so it becomes second nature. The end goal for our Ethos is to ensure the communities we create are an extension of our own community, and a CERT project should be recognisable as one. 

Both Chris and George went on to tell the group the 3 key elements that make us the CERT Design Ethos: wellbeing, harmony and sustainability. Wellbeing looking into social, physical and mental aspects such as shared values, sustained engagement, safe spaces and psychological safety. Harmony included, both internal and external aspects such as protecting habitats, empowering ecosystems and sense of belonging. Finally, sustainability, looking at sustainable consumption and waste, carbon neutrality, being zero waste and conserving energy and water. 

At the end of the presentation George and Chris got everyone involved in a team task. Each department was to get together and discuss and present to everyone how they would implement the three elements of the Design Ethos into their own departments, thinking about what they would do differently. The team discussed some great ideas such as making more green spaces for the employees to use and implementing meetings away from the office such as walks to benefit their mental wellbeing. 

While Chris and George presented their thoughts on CERT’s Design Ethos the team had an amazing spread provided by Katsouris Deli

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