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Interested in the latest property predictions for 2024? Our Managing Director, Howard Lord, recently participated in a roundtable discussion alongside industry experts, hosted by Alliance Investments and Place North West.

Discover the key highlights from their insightful conversation below.

Emerging Trends in Build-to-Rent

The build-to-rent sector is evolving, with new niches emerging, such as developments tailored for over-55s and affordable housing. Changes in local authority policies are paving the way for affordable schemes to coexist with open-market properties, offering diverse housing options.

“As Build to Rent has emerged, a lot of affordable tenures obviously require RPs to deliver it, but we’re seeing a bit of a shift there. A lot of local authorities are now getting more comfortable with things like discounted market rent and that’s enabling affordable schemes to come forward that don’t necessarily need a registered provider. That can be managed holistically by the same manager who’s managing the open market.” 

Howard Lord, Managing Director of CERT

Revitalising Urban Spaces

The Manchester hospitality scene is thriving, defying the national trend of closures. Dozens of new bars and restaurants are set to open in 2024. This revitalisation enhances the appeal of urban areas for residents and investors alike, but there’s still room for improvement in supporting startups and hospitality careers.

Collaborative Frameworks for Success

Collaboration between the public and private sectors is crucial for sustainable growth. Building robust frameworks and nurturing long-term partnerships can help overcome challenges and leverage opportunities, particularly in regions like Greater Manchester.

Tackling Planning System Challenges

Criticisms of the planning system persist, highlighting the need for increased resource allocation to local authorities. While major reforms may not be necessary, streamlining planning processes can enhance efficiency and help projects move along faster.

Navigating the Future

As we navigate the complexities of the property market in 2024, flexibility, cooperation, and adaptability are paramount. Embracing innovation, cultivating partnerships, and addressing systemic issues will enable us to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.

Click below to see the full video from the 2024 property predictions discussion:

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