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We invest into existing properties and develop new properties with the goal of delivering value to our partners and the communities we invest in.

We manage projects through the entire property lifecycle, managing the acquisition, development, management of real estate assets focusing on living spaces and working spaces.

We set bespoke business plans for every project with our successes measured not just by the financial performance of our projects, but the impact they have made on improving the built environment and on the communities our buildings form or become a part of.


We see investment opportunities where others don’t.

This is due to our in-depth knowledge of the markets we work in, backed up by detailed research which enables us to clearly define what we believe are the compelling investment opportunities.

Our market knowledge and research is supplemented by detailed and well considered business plans, that aim to not only maximise returns for our investors but also maximise the positive social and environmental of our projects.


Developing buildings that occupiers want now and in the future.

CERT’s approach to development management is a collaborative one.

We collaborate with landowners, institutional and private capital to deliver property development strategies that deliver impactful properties, social value and market-leading returns.

We combine our range of competencies and skills in-house with high-quality external professional advice, enabling us to deliver projects from concept and financial viability assessment stage through to delivery and completion.


Experience-led property management.


The tenant experience lies at the heart of our asset management strategy.

We build strong relationships with our customers enabling us to better meet their needs. Alongside this, we look to create communities across our assets, with our dedicated community coordinators arranging events and tenant engagement opportunities.

For our partners, our asset managers set bespoke annual business plans for all assets and continuously review progress of every asset, in line with our investment strategy. Budgets, forecasts, plans and performance reports are prepared in a transparent and consistent manner to ensure all assets are managed efficiently and that we effectively maximise investment performance.


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