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CERT property – Our Values

Each month, CERT gives its views and insights on the North West property market, the latest trends of investments. This month we decided to tell you a little more about ….ourselves.

With our regular monthly updates in place and many questions which we answer on an ad hoc basis, you probably know everything there is to know about your projects but do you know much about CERT, its people and its values? The subject of sharing a bit more about CERT was born on the back of the launch of our new website and new corporate branding. We are very proud of our new digital identity which reflects our core values: collaborate, create, certainty.

Our Values

CERT’s values represent the most important parts of quite an extensive and complex process which is property investment and development.


CERT originates its name from “certainty, the value investors would appreciate the most at the point of investing with us. We associate “certainty” with trust and delivery. Trust, which investors and partners put into us at the point of investment; and delivery of what we set out to do by delivering projects that generate attractive capital returns.  Our proven track record and highly experienced team provides boost of certainty to deliver expected results to our partners and investor community.


Our creativeness shines through all the projects we offer to our investors. From the moment we identify an exciting building or piece of land to develop, we look to deliver projects which add value not only for the investor, but also for tenants of the properties, and the local community. We understand the importance of creating comfortable and stylish properties that people want to live or work in. We are proud in developing unique and creative projects in areas with significant growth potential to deliver properties that all stakeholders are proud to be associated with as well as providing the best possible returns to our investors.


Our projects could not be delivered if not for our collaborative approach to all aspects of our work. Working closely with our partners, investors, local authorities and contractors is crucial to achieve results we and our investors desire. We pride ourselves in developing outstanding relationships across the sector, which help us generating equally outstanding results.

Howard Lord, Founder of CERT property comments: “Our values identify who we are. They apply not only to our projects but also to our internal team which makes those projects happen. We are very lucky to have a creative board of highly experienced individuals, which by collaborating with each other on various stages of the projects, create the certainty of end result delivery, which ultimately is the satisfaction of our investors and partners.”

You can visit our About Us page to see more about what we do

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