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In the latest episode of the No Bullsh*t Property Podcast we navigate the thriving creative hubs that are revitalising urban spaces in the Baltic Triangle, Liverpool.

Introducing our special guest

Joining Howard and Paul as the first podcast guest of the year is Lynn Haime, CEO of Baltic Creative. Lynn discusses Baltic Creative’s approach that creates flourishing ecosystems where profits circle back to nurture a community of digital and creative talents in Liverpool. In the conversation, Howard and Paul draw parallels to Elevator, CERT’s creative hub in the Baltic Triangle and Baltic Creative’s neighbour, emphasising how Elevator mirrors a shared dedication to community values.

We then delve into the ingredients that make such a community – from the importance of a vibrant events calendar to fostering tenant relationships. Lynn highlights the importance of creating opportunities for networking, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing among the diverse range of businesses in the Baltic Triangle.

Wrapping up, we explore the potential for urban transformation, looking at the Baltic Triangle’s evolution from a neglected district to a vibrant hub of creativity, nightlife, and residential innovation. We ponder if this model could serve as a blueprint for other areas hungry for change. The discussion doesn’t stop at geography; we touch on the importance of user-friendly lease terms in attracting businesses and how events like Eurovision can catapult a city like Liverpool onto the world stage.

Exploring the Vibrancy of Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle

The Baltic Triangle, once an industrial stronghold in Liverpool, has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving from a historical hub of warehouses and factories into a vibrant cultural and creative district. The area’s journey from an industrial powerhouse to a thriving cultural hub is a testament to Liverpool’s adaptability and resilience. Abandoned industrial spaces found new life as art galleries, studios, and work spaces, setting the stage for a renaissance that began in the early 21st century.

The district is now home to numerous galleries showcasing the works of local and international artists. Street art adorns building facades, the blend of contemporary and traditional artistry creates a visually stunning landscape, reflecting the diversity and creativity that defines Liverpool’s cultural scene. Beyond the arts, the Baltic Triangle is a bustling hub of independent businesses, offering unique and locally sourced products. 

At the heart of the Baltic Triangle’s success is its strong sense of community. The district has become a melting pot for creative minds and forward-thinking individuals who share a passion for shaping Liverpool’s cultural future. Regular events, festivals, and collaborative projects unite people, fostering a sense of belonging and collective pride. 

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Listen to episode 20 of The No Bullsh*t Property Podcast here or watch below.

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