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In the latest episode of the No Bullsh*t Property Podcast we explore the growing trend of suburban build-to-rent properties. 

Introducing our special guest

Our hosts Paul and Howard are joined by guest Ged McPartlin, from Ascend Property, as they discuss the rise of the suburban build-to-rent landscape. In this episode, Ged provides us with a perspective on the momentum of this sector, the transition from traditional buy-to-let properties, and the unique edge these suburban locations offer.

Howard and Paul explore the challenges they have encountered when looking into the build-to-rent sector, while Ged brings into the discussion the intricacies of property management within urban properties versus suburban houses. He highlights the different expectations of tenants and the associated challenges. 

We also dive into the technological aspect, as Ged shares how Ascend developed their technology to manage properties, ensuring a premium service that has been instrumental to their success.

Finally, Howard and Paul explore with Ged the average tenancy length, the changing demographics of tenants, and the reasons behind the increasing number of people choosing to extend their stay in their properties.

The Shift Towards Build-to-Rent

Recently, there has been a significant shift in investor focus from traditional buy-to-let properties to build-to-rent developments. In this episode we discuss that the demand for good-quality housing has always been present, and as the aspiration for homeownership diminishes, the need for rental properties is more prevalent than ever. The suburban build-to-rent sector offers tenants the opportunity to live in well-managed, community-oriented properties that cater to their needs and preferences.

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Listen to episode 16 of The No Bullsh*t Property Podcast here or watch below.


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