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In the latest episode of the No Bullsh*t Property Podcast we unravel the world of urban planning and development in the UK with Rebecca Coley, Head of Planning & Development at Trafford Borough Council. 

Introducing our special guest

Howard and Paul discuss with Rebecca the challenges of urban development and the need for collaboration between developers and local authorities to deliver high-quality design that addresses market needs. We also broach the topic of co-living, examining mixed views on its success and the root causes driving its necessity.

Finally, they address the crucial aspect of engaging younger generations in urban planning and the need for a shift in the narrative to attract the younger talent to the profession.

From Suburban to Urban: The Evolution of Development Planning

In recent years, there has been a significant shift in development planning, particularly in suburban areas, as they strive to adapt to the demands of urbanisation. This transition from a suburban typology to a more urban landscape presents both challenges and opportunities for local authorities and developers alike.

One of the key drivers behind this shift is the need for higher-density development to accommodate growing populations and address the housing crisis. As urban areas become more crowded, suburban regions are being called upon to embrace a more urban typology of development. This shift requires a careful balance between maintaining the character and quality of the existing suburban landscape while accommodating the need for increased density.

In this episode, Rebecca highlights the experiences and perspectives of planning professionals involved in this transition. Howard, Paul and Rebecca discuss the challenges faced by local authorities in catching up with the demands of urban development. The conversation also touches upon the importance of collaboration between developers and local authorities. It is crucial for developers to engage with planners as partners rather than adversaries. By working together, they can create well-designed, sustainable, and inclusive urban environments that meet the needs of the community.

The transition from suburban to urban development is a significant challenge for many boroughs, including Trafford. Rebecca discusses how the borough has had to play catch-up in order to keep up with the interest in high-density, with more urban types of development. Howard and Paul discuss with our guest the emerging Trafford Civic Quarter, an area where an additional 4,000 residential homes will be complemented by 500,000 sq ft of employment space, enriched leisure amenities and educational institutions.

Throughout the episode Rebecca recognises CERT’s Kinetic, our first residential site in Trafford, once Identifying as an abandoned office building to be “the best permitted development conversion she had ever seen”. A project that CERT collaborated closely on with Trafford Borough Council with the addition of a rooftop extension for the development. 

CERT currently has two developments located in the Trafford Civic Quarter, Kinetic and Insignia, with Velocity, our third residential community proudly joining them soon. 

Listen to episode 18 of The No Bullsh*t Property Podcast here or watch below.

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