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New Podcast Episode | Making innovation our DNA with George Konstantakopoulos

In the latest episode of the No Bullsh*t Property Podcast we explore the dynamic landscape of innovation and business in Manchester.

Introducing our special guest

Howard and Paul, are joined by our very own Head of Innovation and Ventures, George Konstantakopoulos. 

In this episode, George discusses his path to CERT and his approach to innovation. He shares his perspective on how innovation can occur at all levels and sometimes, the simplest changes can be the most impactful.

We delve into the crucial role technology plays in modern businesses and the ways it’s revolutionising the property sector. Listen in as we explore the potential of AI and Mixed Reality technologies, the concept of ‘copying’ competitors to stay in the game, and adapting to overcome the people ahead of you.

Rounding off our discussion, we explore the challenges and costs of innovation in the property industry, touching on issues like regulations, industry acceptance, and land acquisition.

Innovation in the property sector

In the digital era, technology has become a cornerstone for modern businesses. It’s revolutionising industries, particularly the property sector. AI and Virtual Reality are emerging as potential game-changers and allows us to explore properties digitally while AI allows for predictive analytics, smart home integrations, personalised marketing and virtual assistants. These advancements collectively enhance the efficiency and responsiveness of the property market, providing a more convenient and dynamic experience. However, in this episode George discusses how it’s not all smooth sailing. Innovation in property also comes with its own set of trials and tribulations – the legal complexities and industry acceptance. George believes a shift in mindset could be the key to overcoming these challenges. Moreover, the integration of technology into the property sector enables streamlined processes and enhances customer experiences, ultimately driving growth and profitability.


Listen to episode 17 of The No Bullsh*t Property Podcast here or watch below.

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