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Paul Shakeshaft hosting the Lunch & Learn event at CERT, giving the team insights to property management

This month our very own Paul Shakeshaft, Head of Property Management, was the host of our team Lunch & Learn, discussing property management insights. 

Paul shared with the CERT team what the property management team do, what a big role they play in the company and celebrated the achievements of the team. While the team listened to host Paul, they tucked into an amazing spread brought to us by Companio Bakery

The property management team was created in 2018 and is a vital asset to the running of the business here at CERT. In just 5 years, the team has grown from just Paul running property management to 10 and counting. 

Firstly, Paul gave us insights into what the property management team does on an everyday basis. They generate steady income for the business, deliver on strategy, manage the profitability of a client’s asset and they keep our clients safe and compliant. Next, he discussed with everyone the success that the team has brought to the business. He celebrated the fact that CERT has a 94.8% occupancy rate across residential and commercial properties, as well as, 93 Google reviews rated at a 4.8.

Paul spoke to the group about the different roles of working in both residential and commercial management and some key facts about each, such as there are over 150 pieces of legislation to adhere to for residential management and the differences between a license and a lease. 

Just before the end of his presentation, Paul told the team about the future he sees for CERT. He spoke about exciting opportunities for build-to-rent properties including SONA, which is due to be finished later this year and how he wants to see the company evolve so that people have a lifestyle led by a CERT community. 

And to round it off, Paul tested everyone’s knowledge with a quiz about property management! Of course, there were a few curve balls thrown in but the whole team had fun taking part.

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