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At CERT, we believe in creating a workplace that fosters inclusivity, supports employees’ well-being, and champions gender equality. To further enhance our culture, we are thrilled to announce a new set of policy changes and updates aimed at prioritising the well-being and inclusivity of our employees. Among these initiatives is the implementation of a comprehensive female health policies package, including the introduction of a menstrual flexible working policy. This initiative reflects our commitment to providing a supportive and empowering environment for all employees, regardless of gender.

We have taken a pioneering step in introducing a menstrual related flexible working policy in our company, this isn’t a legal requirement in the UK or anywhere in Europe. We now offer employees the option to request menstrual-related flexible working arrangements. 

Menstruation is part and parcel of female life, but it can also bring unique challenges. We recognise that during this time, some employees may experience discomfort, fatigue, or other physical and emotional changes. By acknowledging and accommodating this, we aim to break the stigma and promote open conversations within our company. This policy acknowledges the challenges individuals may face during various stages of their lives, and creates a supportive framework that allows employees to manage their health and personal needs effectively. Our goal is to foster an inclusive and understanding work environment that respects and supports all employees, regardless of gender. Together, we can ensure that everyone feels valued and empowered in managing their well-being.

We understand that to make this policy effective, we need to create a culture of understanding, empathy, and open communication. We aim to promote conversations around menstruation, breaking the silence and challenging societal taboos are essential steps towards creating a truly inclusive and supportive workplace. 

Leah Kalilova, CERT’s Office Manager & Well Being Officer, said: “Diversity and inclusivity are core values at CERT. We are committed to building a diverse workforce that represents the world we live in. By promoting a safe and inclusive working environment, we aim to empower our employees to reach their full potential.” 

Our new policy on flexible working for menstruation reflects our dedication to the well-being of our employees, further advancing gender equality and inclusivity within our organisation. By embracing this transformative initiative, we aim to empower our workforce to thrive professionally, whilst embracing the essence of their individuality.


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