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CERT Property’s Interview with street art group, NOMAD Clan

CERT’s ongoing development in Northern Quarter, Hilton House, has just undergone a face lift. We brought NOMAD Clan, a well known, northern and very experienced street art group onboard to bring something special to the facade of this beautiful building. We sent a CERT team member to interview the street art duo on their background and the masterpiece they have created on Hilton House.

CERT: Hello Hayley and Joy. Thank you for your time chatting to us. Whilst the new piece of your work is currently going on CERT’s development –  Hilton House, we would like to find out a bit more about yourselves, your work and the message behind the new mural. 

How long have you worked as a team?

H: Around 4 years, with Hilton House being the first big mural that we worked on together for ‘Cities of Hope’ in 2016. 

CERT: What brought you together?

H: I used to own a graffiti paint shop, which is where I met Joy for the first time. Joy was a regular in my shop. After a while we’ve decided to create a girls paint crew called T&T.

J: At that time, there weren’t many female street artists around. We did it mainly for fun, it was nearly 5 years ago.

CERT: Your art is very expressive. What messages do you aim to convey through your work?

H: Humanitarian things, experience of the area and/or the building. Exploring life experience within the area we are being creative. 

J: We are approachable and subtle, we don’t want the public don’t get offended. 

CERT: What is the most favourite piece you have worked on?

H: Newcastle – ‘Black Diamond’

J: Sweden- ‘Song to the sea’. A folklore tale, which was near the harbour

H: Rochdale project was also good. It was a progressive and environmental piece, escaping own stories. It took a lot of forward thinking.   

CERT: How many days did it take to complete one of your bigger murals? 

H: The biggest mural we have ever done was ‘Athena Rising’ in Leeds, the wall was 47 metres high and 13 metres wide. It took 16 days to complete.

CERT: What message is behind this mural on Hilton House?

J: We have kept with the heritage of the area, which was the rag and textiles, fashion trade. The image exposes the craftsmanship through hands. We feel this honors the buildings history. 

H: Hilton House has great heritage and this piece connects with the local community. We want locals to embrace the public art. 

CERT: Tell us about your experience of working with CERT?

J: It’s been a blessing; smooth and laid back. Also we have had quite a bit of freedom with the mural. 

H: It’s great giving the artist a bit of freedom. It’s what keeps street art alive!

CERT: Which place of your work, would you brand the most interesting? 

H: Marseille in France. We stayed at a silent nuns convent. It was a bit of a nightmare. The nuns would leave doors open and randomcats would just wonder in and out throughout the day.

J: The actual mural was painted on an old tobacco factory, not too far from the nunnery.

CERT: What are your plans for the future?

J: We have a few other mural works coming up. We are going to Berlin within the next few weeks, then have two other jobs in London and one other in Manchester. This latter one is for Doctor Martin. 

H: After that we will be going to Flint Michigan where we are doing a workshop for the kids to teach them how to spray paint. The population in Flint has decreased radically, there is only 10% of the population in school, due to the water crisis. 

J: Then we are off to Mexico where we will be painting a water tower. 

H: We are looking forward to a bit of a down time over the Christmas period. 

CERT: Thank you very much for the chat and of course, enhancing the Hilton House appearance through your meaningful artwork. We are wishing you continued success and we hope to work with you again in the future. 




Photo credit : ‘Song to the sea’ 2019 Stenungsund, Sweden Artscape Saga 2019. ‘Black Diamond’ 2018, The viaduct arches, The Sage Gateshead, Newcastle. ‘Athena Rising’, City Less Grey, Leeds UK, Pics & Vids: Bokehgo via NOMAD CLAN.

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