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What a successful year it has been here at CERT! In this 2022 round-up we look back on all of our No Bullsh*t Property podcast episodes and their highlights.

Over the last year our experts here at CERT have worked hard to deliver you the latest property news and industry reports. We’ve had an array of exciting guests be featured from our in house experts to special industry guests who have all shared their knowledge.

 Below is a recap of all our episodes throughout 2022 and their highlights.


Episode 1 – Welcome to The No Bullsh*t Property Podcast

In our debut episode all the way back in May, we introduced our founder and Managing Director Howard Lord and Head of Property Management Paul Shakeshaft as they talked about where CERT started, our vision for the future and #wavelength.

Listen here to find out more about what we do and what makes us different.

Episode 2 – What’s next, starts here – sustainability in the property industry with Chris Hosty

To continue the #WorldEnvironmentDay theme, hosts Howard Lord and Paul Shakeshaft caught up with CERT’s Head of Design, Chris Hosty, about the property industry’s environmental impact, the responsibility of property developers, and how new construction methods are shaping the property market’s future.

Click here to find out more about sustainability in the property industry.



Episode 3 – Social Wellness and building communities with Feel Good Club

In July, we celebrated #SocialWellnessMonth and embarked on a journey to understand how building human connections within the spaces we occupy contribute to our overall feeling of belonging. 

Howard and Paul were joined by wife-and-wife duo Kiera and Aimie Lawlor-Skillen, Founders of Feel Good Club. In this episode we discovered how their excitement and passion for making other people feel good turned into establishing the go-to events space in Manchester and why social wellness is essential to their approach to creating a community-first business.

Listen to episode 3 here to learn more about about the founders of the Feel Good Club in their creation of building an authentic and community-led wellbeing café and events space in Manchester’s Northern Quarter

Episode 4 – Equality and Inclusivity Part 1 – 🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQIA+ with Johnny V

August’s month’s guest is perfectly placed to discuss how we can all create a more inclusive culture within our communities.

Howard and Paul were joined by CERT’s marketing executive Johnny V to discuss unconscious bias, accurate representation in senior positions, and challenging the norm. Johnny also talks about his New Normal exhibition supported by CERT – a trail of art, music and performance showcasing queer art and culture across Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

Click here to find out how inclusivity and equality are ingrained into our core values here at CERT.

Episode 5 – Equality and Inclusivity Part 2 – Women in Property with Helen Spencer, Great Places

To continue the theme of equality and inclusivity, September’s episode,  Howard and Paul were joined by Helen Spencer, Executive Director of Growth at Great Places, a profit-for-purpose housing association. Helen is one of a fairly limited number of women in senior leadership roles in the property development sector and shares with us her insight on the challenges faced by women in senior roles and how to ensure fair representation at decision-making stages.

Listen to episode 5 here to hear what we discussed with Helen about our shared goals of creating inclusive and equal communities, striving for net zero carbon, and the pressures of delivering environmental impact.

Episode 6 – The cost of living crisis

In October’s episode, Howard and Paul discussed the changes (and challenges) we as a nation faced over the last month, from the mini budget and mini budget reversal, to not one, but two new prime ministers. 

Click here to listen to Howard and Paul discuss will these factors affect the property market and what does the future hold for landlords, homeowners, investors and tenants alike.

Episode 7 – Hospitality and the property industry with Ben & Alex, Liverpool Arts Bar

In November’s instalment of the podcast, Howard & Paul were joined by Ben & Alex of Liverpool Arts Bar (@liverpoolartsbar) to discuss the hospitality industry from a property perspective and what operators are looking for from their landlords and the properties that they occupy. 

The creative entrepreneurs have had quite the journey, from providing a space for local creatives, to hosting virtual pub quizzes and open mic nights during lockdown, to taking over the Masonic Hall and growing an online audience of 18,000. Ben and Alex, along with Jordan and Tom, set up the Arts Bar in the heart of Liverpool’s iconic Hope Street to connect creatives and support emerging artists in the city.

Listen to episode 7 for a podcast exclusive about the exciting next stage of their journey! 

Episode 8 – Final Thoughts for 2022

For the final episode of 2022, Howard & Paul reflected on the past year. They discussed the key things we saw in 2022, from the Autumn mini-budget to rising rents and energy bills, and predicted what 2023 will mean for the UK residential and commercial property markets. 

Listen to our final episode of 2022 here to listen about our final thoughts for 2022 and to hear our predictions for the next year.


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