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CERT Property hosts Soul Yoga session powered by the Erenjang Nursery Project

Last week we hosted a Soul Yoga session powered by the Erenjang Nursery Project. The Erenjang project is focused around supporting children in the early stage of their education. 

About Erenjang Nursery Project

Erenjang Nursery School is located in Kotu – a village in Gambia, West Africa. It houses 118 children aged 2-7 years old.  The founders of the project collaborate with local partners to improve the learning environment, teacher training, pupil education costs, and a food programme, all with a focus on education and health. The project was founded in 2017 and since then the nursery has undergone extensive renovations, teachers have received training, and over half of the children are supported through a sponsorship programme, allowing them to obtain an education that they would not otherwise be able to acquire.

Learn more about the Erenjang Nursery Project.

Erenjang Project: Bringing Community Together

The 2 hour session took place on the 2nd floor of our Hilton House building. This magical event brought over 50 enthusiastic yogis together lead by four expert teachers – Eirian Collinge (Cariad Yoga), Samuel Nwokeka, Sophie-Rae Martyn and Rachel Cruickshank. They guided the participants through energising yet grounding mandala vinyasa using yin yoga, balancing energetic channels and the body. The yogis moved through all four elements of Air, Earth, Fire and Water opening up all channels of their body and the mind, all accompanied by live African music to enhance the experience.


Erenjang Project: Bringing Community Together

100% of the money raised from the entrance fees were used for contribution towards nursery improvement and community support. We are proud to support this worthy not-for-profit project by providing the space for it to take place.


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