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Follow These 8 Simple Steps To Passive Rental Income

The UK’s buy-to-let property market has a proven track record of delivering reliable rental returns and increasing equity; however, it’s not always easy to determine the best locations to secure the best ROI.

At CERT, we are passionate about all things property-related and provide our clients with access to our wealth of knowledge to help them select the right investment.

From pinpointing hotspots for investments to helping UK and overseas clients navigate the buying process, our team of experts are on-hand to assist throughout your investment journey.

To give you an idea of how we can assist you with your UK buy-to-let purchase, we have outlined what you can expect from the investment process:

Step 1: Reservation 

To reserve a property, you need to pay a reservation fee of £5,000. This can be done by bank transfer and the amount is deducted from the overall cost of the unit. We send you a reservation form to sign and return which will have the details of the purchase and the bank details. 

Step 2: Sales Progression Team

After reservation you will be introduced to our highly experienced sales progression team. They will be your point of contact with us and will be assisting you with your purchase up until the point of exchange of contracts. Our sales progression team will notify the developer’s solicitors of the sale and they will begin drafting contracts. They will liaise with both the developers solicitors and yours. 

Step 3: Introducing your Solicitor 

We have a panel of preferred solicitors for each individual project that our sales progression team will introduce you to as soon as you reserve a property. Our panel of preferred solicitors act completely independently of the developer and are governed by the law society. They will act solely and only on your behalf and in your best interest. Once introduced to them, you will be sent a client care pack which will require you to provide your own personal details and a number of documents to open a file for you. 

Step 4: Exchanging Contracts 

Once you have reserved a property, we will aim to exchange contracts within 28 days. Our solicitors will draft the contracts and issue them to your solicitors. During this time our sales progression team will liaise with both parties and yourself to ensure everything is done in a timely manner. At this point you will be required to transfer your funds (less your reservation fee) to your solicitors in preparation for exchange of contracts. This can all be done remotely regardless of where you reside. 

Step 5: Investor Relations

Once you have exchanged contracts, you will be introduced to our Investor Relations Manager who will then be your point of contact with us and will assist you through the build period and completion. You will receive monthly updates and construction reports detailing the progress has been made on site.

We pride ourselves on being completely transparent with all of our clients. As we are nearing completion, our investor relations manager will notify clients so that they can start preparing funds or submitting mortgage applications. We also have a panel of preferred mortgage brokers who specialise in UK finance and work with clients based domestically and internationally.

Step 6: Property Management 

Prior to completion you will be introduced to our in-house property management team and a dedicated asset manager, for the development in which you have purchased a property, will be assigned to you. Ahead of completion they will begin advertising your property and lining up a pool of tenants ready to move in so as to minimise any void periods. 

Step 7: Completion 

Both our investor relations manager and your solicitors will notify you once completion has been issued. Once this notification has been received, you will have 10 working days to complete on your property. Our investor relations manager will be on hand to assist you with this. 

Step 8: Resale

If in the future our investors should wish to sell their property, we also act as a selling agent on behalf of our clients. We will use our extensive experience and expertise to ensure we provide you with a realistic yet desirable valuation of your property. We will market your property to our highly targeted audiences across our various property channels and investor platforms and we aim to secure the best possible price for your property, in the quickest time possible. Once a sale has been agreed, you will be introduced to our sales progression team who will guide and advise you through the whole legal process, getting you to the point of completion and receiving funds.

No matter where you are in your investment journey, our experts are here to help.

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Latest Opportunities: Peelers Yard 

New launch: From £225,000

  • City Centre location
  • Rooftop terrace & garden
  • Reception & concierge services

Peelers Yard is perfect for investors interested in one of Manchester’s best buy-to-let locations. Situated between two of the most popular neighbourhoods for nightlife & culture in Manchester, Peelers Yard is ideal for modern professionals.

Peelers Yard, New Cross, Manchester

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