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What makes CERT Property different from its competitors

We may have been on the market for nearly 13 years now but we have CERTainly not talked loud enough of what makes us different from our competitors and why you should choose CERT Property over anyone else on the market.

1. Team

We are a multi-national team of experts from different backgrounds. Our extensive experience and knowledge combined with drive and motivation achieve outstanding results in project delivery and client experience.

2. Projects

We carefully choose our projects across commercial & residential assets in the UK, providing unlimited access to bespoke property investment opportunities with strong rental returns and long term value growth.

3. Construction

We work with trusted and experienced contractors, architects and designers to create unique schemes which provide certainty to deliver results in line with the expectations of our partners, investors and local community. We closely monitor our construction progress to ensure a timely delivery of our projects.

4. Investing

We are experts in our field. Whether you are a private investor seeking to invest in your first buy to let property, or an institutional investor looking to expand an existing property portfolio, we deliver tailored investment strategies to suit your risk appetite and investment horizon.

5. Adding Value

CERT is a great believer in creating places that everyone can benefit from; delivering projects that not only generate strong returns to its investors, but also creating places that people want to live and work. Who also help to shape a new landscape of the Greater Manchester areas.

6. Partnering

To deliver the best possible results, we partner on our projects with industry experts and local authorities. Extra knowledge and expertise, combined with government support, results in the best possible quality of project delivery.

7. Understanding

One of our strengths is identifying and understanding investor needs. Whether it is a first time buyer who potentially requires that extra bit of comfort associated with decision making, or a large portfolio manager who is looking for expansion. We tailor our approach accordingly to investor type, appetite and experience on the property investment market.

8. Support

We provide hands-on support during the investment process with a designated Investor Relations Manager available to provide complex information relating to your investment from inception to the point of completion and thereafter. Also, there is always someone available to speak to you or meet you in person, should you wish to do so.

9. Continuity

To ensure the best possible investor experience, we also offer Property Management Services within CERT group, with a designated person from our office available to manage your property post completion. By minimising stress and complexity of letting your property out, we provide an overall support, to ensure consistency and continuity of your investment process.

10. Communication

We don’t shy away from reaching out to you. CERT provides its investor and partner community with regular form of communication. Our Monthly Investor Reports are exhaustive and detailed; honest and transparent. They are written by CERT’s Investors Relations Manager and backed up with photographic evidence of the progress. Every quarter, we host a live webinar, during which a project update is presented by the Managing Director – Howard Lord and investors have an opportunity to ask direct questions.

11. Educating

One of our prerogatives is to provide our investor community with a perspective and better understanding of the property market. Our Monthly Investor Reports consist of a Market Overview section, where we explain current market trends and provide extensive data and statistics on the property market in the UK and globally. We also speak at various industry conferences, and our views are published in highly respected property publishings.

12. Listening

We are great listeners. We take a proactive approach and frequently contact our investors for feedback on our performance and the information we provide. We take investor opinion’s very seriously and always seek an opportunity to improve.

13. The amount of years we have been on the market.

Happy Birthday to us!

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